«In nature, hybrid species are usually sterile, but in science the reverse is often true. Hybrid subjects are often astonishingly fertile, whereas if a scientific discipline remains too pure it usually wilts.» (Francis Crick, 1988, 'What Mad Pursuit')

Villares Naviera reflected Thursday at the Polytechnic School of Lugo on land ownership and public action in land management in Galicia

Submitted by eva.lopez on 06/05/2016 11:44 GMT
It has been through the conference "The territory: from whom and for whom?", which was held at the hall of the center, which is part of the training program of the Master in Sustainable Land Management and territory (Masterra) Then there was a roundtable discussion on the relationship between land ownership in Galicia, the actions of the government and territorial dynamics. In it, they were represented both the public and private spheres, with the participation of ...
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The LaboraTe collaborates in the conference on drone applications for spatial plannign and land management

Submitted by eva.lopez on 01/04/2016 12:11 GMT
More than 25 geomatic, surveying and aircaft desing and development companies, as well as aerospace experts and researchers fron several universities, participate in the conferences on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) held in the Campus Terra of the USC. This technological forum has been organized by the Polytechnic School in collaboration with the Association of Geomatics Engineering and Surveying and the airfield Rozas anda more than people formalized their registration. The various invited rapporteurs addressed the ...
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Experts of LaboraTe see the increase of land in dairy farms necessary to lower production costs

Submitted by eva.lopez on 11/03/2016 11:06 GMT
This has been asserted during the Technical Workshop on Dairy Production which was held in the Veterinary Faculty, organized by Africor Lugo. The round table analyzed the relationship among dairy farms and their spatial context. Ónega called for more focus on increasing land available for forage production complementarily to demands for a higher milk price. Those farms with more land will be potentially more resilient to changes in market conditions.

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