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Training resources and job opportunities in new farming technologies

17 teachers of the Higher Polytechnic School of Engineering of Lugo tested on the 7th of June 2018 the first version of the ERASMUS+ SFATE project web portal.

SFATE is aimed at fostering the adoption of new technologies in farming and facilitating the access to job opportunities related to these tools. To this end, SFATE provides information through a web portal on new technologies, training resources and job opportunities. The portal contents are targeted to students, trainers, farmers and other agents. Users will be able to cross information through the portal forms and find the required skills to work with new farming technologies, the training resources which are needed to acquire these skills and the job opportunities associated to a certain group of skills.

The teachers who tested the portal, provided comments on their user experience. These comments will be used to make improvements in the portal and better adapt it to the users’ needs.