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A special issue of Sustainability is aimed at “sustainability in land use planning”

Sustainable land use planning is one of the most efficient and effective ways to achieve sustainable land management and development. Land use planning must provide optimal spatial allocation of human activities across the landscape, which promotes the economic and social development of a specific region and simultaneously preserves and improves its environmental quality. New techniques and models for land use change analysis, simulation or projection, as well as for optimal land use allocation and design of land use scenarios are essential in order to improve the efficiency and outcomes of land use decision-making processes. Nowadays, an additional key factor must be considered in the already complex process of land use planning: climate change. Green infrastructure approach is increasingly being adopted in land management policies as a way of ensuring the provision of ecosystem services and contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation. However, there is a knowledge gap in implementation of the green infrastructure concept in land use planning.

This Special Issue will gather original research on all the aforementioned concepts as well as applied methods and approaches to support more sustainable land use planning or integrate environmental criteria in land use decision-making processes.

Prof. Inés Santé will be the guest editor and the call for manuscript submissions is now open (deadline for manuscript submissions 1 August 2020).

Sustainability is a scientific journal indexed in Journal Citation Reports with an impact factor of 2.592.

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