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Generational renewal in the Galician agricultural sector: challenges and opportunities for debate at the VIII Xornada Casal de Armán

The VIII Xornada Casal de Armán, organized by the Economic Forum of Galicia, took place on June 27, 2024 in Santiago de Compostela. This event brought together twenty experts linked to both the agricultural and rural development sectors in Galicia. As an introduction, the Professor Edelmiro López Iglesias and our colleague Quico Ónega made a diagnosis on the prospects of generational renewal in the Galician agricultural sector.
Also from the Land Lab, Nieves Pérez, representing the TERRACTIVA project, made a presentation of various inspiring experiences in the access to land of new entrants in agriculture. Thus, he presented different mechanisms that are being developed in Ireland, France and Portugal in addition to reviewing the existing possibilities in Galicia. Moreover, she highlighted the dynamism in the tenure structures of Galician farms, which have significantly increased land leased in the last few years.
However, the difficulty of accessing the land was one of the barriers that was repeatedly mentioned by the attendees throughout the day, both in areas where it is difficult to contact and/or identify the land owners, and in those where availability is scarce due to high competition for land by existing farms or forest plantations. In both situations new entrants find it difficult to access to enough land, so support instruments become more and more necessary.
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