The Land Laboratory (LaboraTe) is a research and teaching group integrated by Professors and researchers of different disciplines, where the land in comprehensive sense and specially rural land, are the principal subject of interest. The fact that the LaboraTe, is integrated inside an Engineering College, orients all our activities to action-research , that is to say, to the integral development of rural area, that results in improvement of the quality of life for its habitants.

Initiated in 1995, and called 'Laboratorio de Proyectos y Planificación' (Projects and Planning Laboratory), the name was changed to LaboraTe, to reflect this horizontal and comprehensive vision, always focused on Land and Territory. The research, and teaching fields are comprised of:

  • Spatial Planning
  • Rural Development
  • Land Tenure and Land Management
  • Landscape Ecology and Landscape Planning
  • Geographic Information Systems, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • Cooperation for Development


This horizontal and systemic approach inspires and oblige us to establish and maintain collaboration with other academic research groups, administrations, companies and other social agents that share this vision.

Contrary to what we understand as the more common scope of disciplinary research in Universities, our vision seeks to complete the existing gap in the 'ecotones' or boundary spaces between different scientific disciplines.

The LaboraTe is part of the research group G.I.-1934-TB the USC.

The contact details are:

Laboratorio do Territorio
Escola Politécnica Superior de Lugo, pavillón II
rúa Benigno Ledo s/n
27002 Lugo


laboratorio 1: +34 982823292

Telephone contact:
+34 982822830